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Already have a great website but with not-so-great search engine rankings? California Web Design Web Site Services can help there too! Using state of the art tools and techniques, we can help your web site achieve and maintain a high search engine position on Google, Bing and other important search engines and directories.
We use the same SEO techniques and tools that are used by many Fortune 500 companies to achieve their high ranking on the search engines… Let us put the same SEO resources to work for you! Whether you’re in need of a brand new web site design, re-design of an existing website, or intensive search engine positioning services, we can help.
Proper search engine optimization is a gentle art. It is not something that should be done by a service in India that promises to build thousands of incoming links to your website. Nor should it be done by a service that has some rude salesperson call you and tell you your website cannot be found on the search engines. SEO is something that should be done only by someone who is intimately familiar with your business and your website – your webmaster.

Effective and Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that must be done in order for your website to find its way to a respectable position on search engines such as Google, Bing and others. The quest for higher search position among the billions of websites vying for position on these search engines has spawned an industry unto itself – one that brings in billions of dollars each year for its service providers.

Good Search Engine Optimization is:

  • Putting your visitors and their experience on your website first.
  • Doing intensive keyword research to find out what people are actually typing in a search when looking for what you offer.
  • Developing the structure of your website (ie how the categories and pages are named and set up) around your target keywords and keyphrases to ensure that the search engines can determine what your website is about, and rank you accordingly.
  • Making sure your website is attractive, interactive and easy to navigate for your visitors.
  • Answering a need. Knowing your visitors and giving them what they came to find.
  • Creating buzz about your business through social media, public relations and word of mouth.
  • Developing a relationship with your visitors and giving them a reason to stick around on your website and come back again and again.
  • Monitoring and analyzing visitor behavior to determine what is working – and what is not – so that your website can adapt to meet the needs of your clients.

So, as you can see, SEO and website development go hand in hand. We pride ourself on our ability to create websites that please your visitors first and foremost, but are highly relevant to your search terms through judicious keyphrase use and site architecture.

Ideally, SEO is done during the process of website development. It can, however, be applied to an existing website through doing keyword research, improving relevance to targeted keyphrases, and through making adjustments in the way your website functions for your visitors.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is more than just keywords: it ’s about content, structure and technical optimization. We focus our SEO services around two core elements:

On-page SEO

  • Making sure your content serves the right target audience
  • Content is optimised for search terms
  • Content has sufficient headings, images and links
  • Meta descriptions and titles are optimised
  • URLs are friendly and the site structure is easy to follow and navigate, reducing the overall number of clicks to find the information
  • Ensuring all 404 errors are correctly redirected with 301 redirects
  • Monitoring and improving site loading times

Off-page SEO

  • Increasing your domain authority and page rank
  • Increasing your external links to the site with high-quality relevant websites
  • Building trust and reducing your overall bounce rate
  • Ensuring maximum exposure across directory listings including Google Knowledge Panel
  • Website monitoring and maintenance with technical aspects

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